Public engagement


  • 2024. Panellist for a session on ‘The AI we want: Design, regulations and harmonization’ at the Annual South African Internet Governance Forum, University of Johannesburg.
  • 2021. Panellist and session chair, ISDE Workshop on Data Governance and AI Ethics, September. [online]
  • 2020. Panellist, ‘Politics of Joy’ as part of the Johannesburg Mozart Festival. Goethe Institut, 30 January.

Op-eds and other writings


2021. SAfm Sunrise with Stephan Grootes on AI ethics. 2 December.

User committees and working groups

2021-2024. Co-chair for the Working Group on ‘Digital Earth Governance and Ethics’, International Society for Digital Earth. Chairs: Caroline Gevaert (University of Twente), Marina Micheli (European Commission), Mary Carman (Wits).

2021–2025. User committee for ‘Bridging the gap between Artificial Intelligence and Society: Developing responsible and viable solutions for geospatial data’. Project leader: Caroline Gevaert (University of Twente), Dutch Science Foundation funded project.